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We live in an age of paradox – we’re more globally connected than ever before, yet our culture is punctuated by isolation and loneliness.  We have amassed great amounts of wealth, but the need for intervention and emergency services is increasing.

In the midst of the paradox, we’ve learned something important: who we are and what we do matters.  Our present is not isolated from the past or the future. It is part of an unfolding story beginning and ending in God’s love, and scripted to include our participation of sharing God’s love.

The Salvation Army’s part in the story is about encouraging people to discover their part in the story. It’s about equipping people to grow within the story.  It’s about engaging in service to others through the story. Everything we do at The Salvation Army is about introducing people to the story – with dignity and without discrimination – and inviting them to find their part.

The truth that we’re not alone and isolated from greater meaning is also powerful and transformative.  It saturates each day with potential and meaning, and keeps our eyes alert for moments that remind us of our place in eternity. It guides us as we continue to advocate for increased homeless housing – especially emergency shelter space for women and children.  It defines our faith as we follow the Great Command to love others just like God loved us

Thank you for the part you play within this great story. Your generosity allows us to carry forward the message of faith, hope and love.

God bless you.


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