Podcast :

POD is an acronym for ‘Portable On Demand’. Podcast is a coined term that combines ‘POD’ and ‘broadcast’. The advantage of podcasting is simple: you will automatically receive each week’s Foundation for Life program on your computer or portable MP3 player (Ipod or similar). Then you can listen whenever and wherever you like! And you can listen more than once! To begin receiving Foundation for Life with Major Lee Lescano each week, automatically:

1. Make sure you have a podcast compatible program. If you are not sure, we recommend using the latest version iTunes for Mac or Windows. Download it here for free:

2. Once the player software is installed, copy this link: to the player. In iTunes go to the advanced menu, then select "subscribe to podcast". Paste the link and click "ok".

You only need to paste this link the first time. Thereafter click on the update button and each week’s program will automatically download to your computer. New programs are available each week on (or before) Saturday.

3. If you have questions contact us at


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