Music CD :


We’re pleased to announce the release of

Blessed Assurance

the brand-new 11 song CD by our very own Tustin Ranch Band, featuring over an hour of never-before-heard instrumental music!





Songs featured on the CD are:

(mp3 files)
1) The Proclaimers
2) Life Abundant
3) Blessed Assurance
4) Overture to a Joyous Occasion
5) Concertpiece for Cornet
6) The Reason
7) Christ is the Answer
8) From Earth’s Confusion
9) Quicksilver
10) Wondrous Day
11) Easter Glory


The CD can be yours for a gift of $15 dollars or more. Call 714-832-7100 for more information or to order with your credit card now.

The CD features virtuoso trumpeter Ryan Anthony, who comes from a family of Salvation Army Band members. Widely known for his contribution to the Canadian Brass, Anthony has won many prestigious awards and performed with various orchestras throughout the world. He is quickly becoming one of the most sought after trumpet players in the United States.

“Blessed Assurance” also features exceptional piano soloist David Dunford, currently Director of the Pioneer School of Music at the Tustin Ranch Corps. Dunford has performed at numerous recital programs all over the country and on TV and radio. He has also been the opening act for musicians such as Aretha Franklin.

Our wonderful bandmaster of 32 years, Edward Freeman, has led the band in their most stellar performance yet.


BANDMASTER Edward F.M. Freeman
SOPRANO David Hall
CORNETS Bruce Freeman—Principal
Mike White
Chad Ingram
Gerry Brown
Bob Anthony
Bob Ferguson
Jeff Boyd
Andrew Freeman
Bramwell Freeman
Andrew Bristow
David Dunford
Paul Gray
FLUGEL Jim Boyd (B/Sgt)
HORNS Gary Aryes
David Bristow
Justin Lansing
David Ferguson
Jim Trebilcox
Geoff Davis
Christian Acheson-Riesebieter
Jack Ames
David Imai
TROMBONES Dennis Sibley
David Swenson
Shaine Krosby
John Kelley
Eddie Timpson
EUPHONIUMS David E. Ferguson
Steve Davis
BASSES Jon van de Klashorst
Steve World
Tom McComb
Terry Ghiselli
Pete Slack
Rick Sparks
Josh Boyd
PERCUSSION Peter Linstead
Elliott Frahs
Barry Davenport
LIBRARIAN Bill Harwell
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