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Please welcome Captains Nigel and Stacy Cross.

Nigel J. Cross
Nigel was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and has been a lifelong Salvationist. After attending University and working as an Intermediate School Teacher, he won a national scholarship to study abroad to learn Music Therapy.  He attained a Master of Music Education from the University of Kansas which then opened doors for his return to America, of which he is now a citizen. While working for The Salvation Army, he furthered his academic studies at Fuller Theological Seminary where he attained a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degree. He has been an officer with his wife, Stacy, for the past ten years serving as Corps officers in Santa Barbara, CA, and Centennial, CO, with an intervening appointment at the College for Officer Training at Crestmont serving as Assistant Director of Curriculum followed by Director of Personnel.  Currently Nigel and Stacy are the Orange County Coordinators for The Salvation Army and Corps Officers of the Tustin Ranch Corps. Nigel’s passion is spiritual formation and equipping others to be mature followers of Christ who participate with God to extend His kingdom.

Stacy T. Cross
Stacy is a third generation Japanese American who was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She attended an Episcopal church growing up and later an independent Bible teaching church where she was discipled through small groups and quality Bible teaching. She attended the University of Washington and attained a Bachelor degree and a Master of Science degree in Laboratory Medicine. She was a well respected Medical Technologist at the University Hospital for seventeen years. Once becoming an Officer in The Salvation Army she has continued her studies and attained a Master of Higher Education from Drexel University. Her passion in ministry is seeing people achieve wellness: Spiritual, Physical and Emotional.

Nigel and Stacy have one son, Jaime, who loves fencing, video games, playing the cornet, movies and making new friends.


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