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Salvation Army officers have the status of ordained ministers and are employed by the Army in a professional capacity and on a full-time basis. They are members of The Salvation Army who have committed their life to doing God's will and serving others. They come from all walks of life - from varying backgrounds and occupations - to complete a two year residential course at a Salvation Army Training College. On commissioning (equivalent to ordination in other denominations) they receive the rank of lieutenant. After five years of satisfactory service they are promoted to the rank of captain and after a further fifteen years they receive the rank of major. All officers wear uniform. Women have always been accepted as officers on equal terms as men. Married women undertake the same training and receive the same commission as their husband.

The majority of officers are responsible for a Salvation Army corps (church), with a pastoral role and community service. Others serve in social service centres, Goodwill community centres or in an administrative capacity at headquarters. They receive a standard allowance of money whatever job they do and accommodation is provided. the hours of work are long and officers are expected to be ready for duty at any time of day or night, when people turn to them for help.

An officer's ministry includes preaching the Christian Gospel, distributing Salvation Army literature, visiting hospitals, institutions and prisons, counselling, conducting weddings and funerals, being a pastor to their congregation and administrating the church programme.

Members of The Salvation Army are called soldiers. They sign the 'Articles of War' which state the Army's beliefs and accept certain moral standards, e.g., Salvation Army soldiers do not smoke or drink alcohol. It is a matter of personal choice whether or not they wear uniform as a witness to their faith. Most have their own job of work or profession.

Local Officers
Salvationists who accept particular responsibilities in a corps, e.g., the finance of the corps, leadership of a musical group or children's work, are commissioned as local officers. they must be loyal, uniform-wearing members of the movement. They do not receive any renumeration for this work.

People who choose to make The Salvation Army their spiritual home and place of worship, but who do not wish to make all the commitments which a soldier would be expected to make, may become adherents. They do not wear uniform.

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