What We Do :


Internationally, The Salvation Army works in just over 100 countries using more than 140 languages. There are over 14,000 Corps (centres for worship) as well as a wide range of social, medical, educational and other community services. The world-wide programme includes:

Accommodation for the Homeless
The Salvation Army is home to more than 35,000 people throughout the year. More than 800 hostels are maintained for this purpose.

Occupational Centres
Almost 300 occupational centres contribute towards the rehabilitation of the people who come within the Army's care.

Food for the Hungry
More than 2000 food distribution centres have been operated in the past year with additional feeding programmes being set up when needed.

Care for the Elderly
Over 16,000 elderly people spend the latter years of their lives in 780 residential centres which are run by The Salvation Army.

Health Care
27,210,000 patients are cared for annually in our 352 hospitals and clinics throughout the world.

Work Amongst Children
Over 200 children's homes, day nurseries and creches, 13 holiday home, 79 fresh air camps and 430 clubs and play centres contribute to the happiness of 20,000 children every year.


More than 1,400 primary and secondary schools provide facilities for the education of 300,000 children. A further 4,500 students receive instruction in our 20 domestic science and trade schools.

Family Welfare Aid

More than 2.5 million families are helped every year.


130 centres operate for those who are entirely destitute.

Fighting Leprosy

2 leprosaria provide accommodation for the treatment of over 360 leprosy patients.

Convalescent Homes
After treatment in a Salvation Army hospital or clinic there can be no more congenial atmosphere in which to recuperate than that which is found in one of our 30 convalescent homes.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
152 homes and centres for alcoholics, and a network of drug rehabilitation programmes around the world, have made it possible for The Salvation Army to help more than 15,000 people in the past year.

Help for the Blind

18 institute provide a home and training for more than 1,600 blind people.

Other Handicapped People
The Salvation Army has 30 purpose-built homes for the physically handicapped, providing accommodation for more than 1,600 people. 14 leagues for the deaf and dumb are also in operation.

Involvement with Military Personnel

Over 250 canteens, mobile units and hostels cater for the needs of military personnel.

Missing Relatives
More than 10,000 missing relatives were traced through The Salvation Army's investigations work during the past year and over 35,000 enquiries dealt with.

Care for Offenders
Over 215,000 police courts cases were helped last year; 450,000 prisoners were visited and may received help on discharge.

Remand/Probation Homes

106 such homes run by The Salvation Army accommodate over 4,000 young offenders.

Anti-Suicide Counseling
The Salvation Army's night patrols, rescue and anti-suicide missions helped more than 220,000 people last year.

Registered Counseling Services
Over 235,000 people received counselling from Salvation Army personnel during the year.


78 residences are provided for over 5,000 students who need accommodation.


These are the on-going services of The Salvation Army. A mighty army of volunteers join full-time personnel in meeting day-to-day emergencies which arise. Whether it be fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane or other natural or human disaster, the Salvation Army endeavours to respond.

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