How We Work :


The military style of The Salvation Army proved to be a most effective stimulant to the progress of the Army's work in the fight against evil. This style of organistaion makes for good mobility and discipline.
The General

The General, based at International Headquarters in London, is the international leader of The Salvation Army and travels widely wherever the Army is active. He or she is elected by the High Council (a group of senior Salvation Army officers) for a term of five years or until the 68th birthday is reached when he or she must retire. The General is assisted in policy making by the Advisory Council to the General.

For the purpose of administration The Salvation Army is divided into 50 territories and commands each led by a territorial commander. The Army's work was pioneered in many lands by British officers, but indigenous leaders are now taking increased responsibility in their own countries. A considerable movement of Army personnel between territories, however, continues to be a vital factor which keeps the internationalism of the Army alive.

Territories are divided into divisions, with a divisional commander leading a team of administrative officers in each one. Each division encompasses a number of corps and other Salvation Army centres. Where it is not possible for a corps to have its own full-time commanding officer, non-commissioned local officers are often asked to accept some responsibility for local leadership.

This is the local Salvation Army centre seen in most towns and cities across the country which has been established to proclaim the gospel. Each week a variety of people will meet for worship, fellowship, musical activities and other events.

There may also be a variety of community work such as lunch clubs, mother and toddler groups, counselling services and so on which are part of the corps programme. All are welcome to attend Salvation Army meetings.

Social Services Centres
Thrift stores, eventide homes, hostels and children's homes are just a few of the wide ranging activities the Army conducts around the world. These centres are mostly independent from corps, but are responsible to their divsional and territorial commanders in turn. Much of the Army's reputation is built on this work.

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